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Beta Readers Wanted

06/18/2017 17:10
My Rembrandt is getting very close to being completed. Halfway to a Vineyard promises to be the read of the summer. I have several beta readers on board but have opened up slots for six more. If you would like a PDF copy of this book, send me an email. In return, I only ask for your honest comments...
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05/18/2017 12:42
Recently received notification that my short story, Witches, Trolls, Elves, and Goblins of Elsah has been accepted for publishing on,-Trolls,-Elves,-and-Goblins-of-Elsah&id=9664491    
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Don Johnson

05/05/2017 08:38
Somebody PLEASE tell Don Johnson he is the only one that can play the role of Darby in a movie version of Halfway to Uncertainty. It's his charismatic smile that allows him to love you or stab you in the back. If you haven't read the book, you're missing out. Watch book trailer:...
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I Also Do Reviews

04/30/2017 12:50
I have an article, Why Don’t Readers Review Books, on my Author’s Corner that I won’t rehash. However, when I’m not writing or thinking about writing, I read books. Mostly of unfamiliar authors and mostly of thriller/suspense genre. I also do reviews of those book because I think it helps the...
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Most Recent Interview

04/01/2017 06:17
Awesomegang has just published my latest interview at:
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Smorgasbord of My Book Trailers

01/07/2017 11:31  
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