Indie Authors Read

This is the list of books I have read in 2017 that are of lessor known or Indie Author's. * indicates I recommend them. Below are my reads from 2016 and 2015 as well.

John Burke                                  Four Stars For Danger

Robert Mitchell                      Golden Eagles

Lester Morris                         The Violets Are Mine

Dr. Bob Rich                                Hit and Run* (advance copy)

J.R.Schuyler                               Sleepers                            

Amelia Fernside                     Each Other


James Rozoff                         Seven Stones*

JC Gatlin                                      21 Dares: A Florida Suspense Mystery

CP Murphy                                   Amelia's Story

Maggie James                            Blackwater Lake*

Anthony M. Strong                     Mirror Mirror

Jo Robertson                               Frail Blood

Tyler Pike                                    The Feeling of Water

Max China                                    The Sister

Holly Copella                               Misfits, Inc.*

             Battle for Andrea Maria*

Michael W. Griffith                     You’ll Be Home for Christmas

Sean Costello                              Squall*

Olivia West/Jasmine Mills        The Rainbow Unicorn

Joey Pinkney                               Swiggers*

Arabella Sheraton                      Lord Blackwell’s Valentine Ball

S.H. Livernois                             Slip

Riley Weidler                              Creepy Little Stories




Eileen Dreyer             If Looks Could Kill*

Lori Brighton              The Mind Readers

Mike Wells                   Lust, Money & Murder, #1

                                      Passion, Power & Sin - Book 1

                                     The Drive-by Wife, Book 1

Kathleen Ball              Texas Haven (Dawson Ranch, #1)

R.A. Dankosky            Her Blue Rose (A Sam Ross Series, #1)

Cynthia A. Morgan     Dark Fey (The Reviled #1)*

Julia Proud                 A Dead Man*

                                     A Good Car*

Leeky Behrman          The Choices We Make*

Charlotte Raine          Teacher Beware

Marsha A. Moore        Witch's Moonstone Locket (A Coon Hollow Coven Tale, #1)

Tony Wiley                  A Deal Gone Bad (Frank Morrison Thriller Series Book 1)*

Holly Copella              Town Darling*

                                     Dead Village 

                                     Death Displacement

                                     Witness Protection*

Joey Pinkney              To Catch a Book Cover Model*

Dr. Bob Rich               The Doom Healer: The Greatest Force in the World