Indie Authors Read


This is the list of books I have read that are of lesser-known or indie author's. I highly recommend the titles in bold.


  • V.B. Marlowe Forever Snow
  • Dr. Bob Rich Guardian Angel
  • John Burke Four Stars For Danger
  • Robert Mitchell Golden Eagles
  • Lester Morris The Violets Are Mine
  • Dr. Bob Rich Hit and Run  (advance copy)
  • J.R.Schuyler Sleepers
  • Amelia Fernside Each Other


  • James Rozoff Seven Stones
  • JC Gatlin 21 Dares: A Florida Suspense Mystery
  • CP Murphy Amelia's Story
  • Maggie James Blackwater Lake
  • Anthony M. Strong Mirror Mirror
  • Jo Robertson Frail Blood
  • Tyler Pike The Feeling of Water
  • Max China The Sister
  • Holly Copella Misfits, Inc.
  •                        The Battle for Andrea Maria
  • Michael W. Griffith You'll Be Home for Christmas
  • Sean Costello Squall
  • Olivia West/Jasmine Mills The Rainbow Unicorn
  • Joey Pinkney Swiggers
  • Arabella Sheraton Lord Blackwell's Valentine Ball
  • S.H. Livernois Slip
  • Riley Weidler Creepy Little Stories


  • Eileen Dreyer If Looks Could Kill
  • Lori Brighton The Mind Readers
  • Mike Wells Lust, Money & Murder, #1
  •                   Passion, Power & Sin - Book 1
  •                   The Drive-by Wife, Book 1
  • Kathleen Ball  Texas Haven (Dawson Ranch, #1)
  • R.A. Dankosky Her Blue Rose (A Sam Ross Series, #1)
  • Cynthia A. Morgan Dark Fey (The Reviled #1)
  • Julia Proud A Dead Man
  •                      A Good Car
  • Leeky Behrman The Choices We Make
  • Charlotte Raine Teacher Beware
  • Marsha A. Moore Witch's Moonstone Locket (A Coon Hollow Coven Tale, #1)
  • Tony Wiley A Deal Gone Bad (Frank Morrison Thriller Series Book 1)
  • Holly Copella Town Darling
  •                         Dead Village
  •                         Death Displacement
  •                         Witness Protection
  • Joey Pinkney To Catch a Book Cover Model
  • Dr. Bob Rich The Doom Healer: The Greatest Force in the World