I'm Not Those Anthony Mays

June 8, 2015, Huffington Post featured an article on Anthony Mays, Software Engineer at Google. He told his story about not expecting to be hired by Google and gave some of his background. I'm certain 'that' Anthony Mays is a fine gentleman, with a wonderful family, and has had a terrific career at Google. But when I Google my name, we both come up, along with an Anthony from the University of Melbourne and reference to sixty-eight other Anthony Mays found on LinkedIn. I can't help getting a little laugh from it all.

The Internet Surname Database www.surnamedb.com/ says the last name of Mays is an ancient and interesting surname with various spellings and likely of early medieval English origin. It derives from a term of endearment or greeting (mai) given to a young person, or somebody of close friend or kinship. So, I say 'mai' to you.

Seriously though, I'm the Anthony Mays in the middle - the author (albeit relatively unknown) who is trying to become a known entity in the book world. So, take this article as me jumping up and down to get your attention and maybe, just maybe, you'll get to know me better. At least now you won't be confused about which Anthony Mays I am.