Kim Kardashian Won't Read My Books

Well, that is only a partial truth. The reason she, and other celebrities, won’t read my books is because they don’t know about me. If they did, I would quickly become a household name – maybe even a bestselling author.

But that’s alright. If I were a bestselling author, then I’d have to do a lot of things I don’t want to do, like go on book tours and be in the media spotlight. Kim knows what I’m talking about – life would no longer be normal.

Even without Kim, I have gained some international notoriety as an author because of my association through Amazon. The most successful of my books internationally having been Halfway to Magnolia House. I suppose it is because of Europe’s own participation in and continued fascination with stories involving the American Civil War. Nonetheless, if Kim wanted to read one of my books, she might find it a nice distraction from reading the trends about her day-to-day activities.