Do We Have a Problem Here?

After having a total knee replacement this fall, I had no desire to do any writing. Matter of fact, I didn't want to look at a keyboard. Thus, my current novel languished.

It was three months before I felt well enough to at least look at what I wrote prior to surgery. And while it felt good to get back to it, I didn't have the same fire. Nonetheless, I managed to write a few paragraphs in between the several days I did no writing. Gradually those paragraphs have been turning into pages and then chapters. I'm still a way from THE END, but not moving as fast as I would like.

So ... thinking I needed some help I turned to the internet and began reading topics like: How to Rebuild Your Attention Span and Focus, Improve Your Concentration, Time Management Skills, etc. One article I liked was, Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. It's about Goals vs Systems - Goals being what you want to accomplish; the System being what you do to accomplish the goal.

All the articles had something in them that I could probably use to get back on track, but that takes discipline and, well..."

I can give lots of excuses of for myself, but the one I like best is, I'm forward thinking. Meaning, I can't get the next story out of my mind. I'm thinking about scenes I can include or researching information to support a theme. Of course, what this does, is take away from my current project. I don't necessarily look at this as a bad thing because, by itself, it makes me want to finish this novel and move on to the next. However, I need to find a balance between my future endeavors and the present. Which takes me back to the question, why am I writing? The answer, because it makes ME feel good.