Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

The book world's obsession with labels and identity only reflects the same preoccupations people consider daily. Everyone has their own opinions about day-to-day ideas or events. But what we hope never happens is to become so entrenched in our thinking that we close ourselves off from all other ideas in which we may be able to form common ground.

Such may be with my book, Halfway to Magnolia House. While I have no measurement if this work would do better if I had chosen not to use a Confederate flag on the cover, my gut feeling is that it has been a factor. Especially, given sentiments on that Southern symbol.

I tried my hardest to write a modern story that takes a balanced approach between historical events of 1864 while, at the same time, introducing fictional reference to Underground Railroad activities. If you are a purist Confederate, you might find objection to parts of the book. If you are a traditional Unionist, you likely don't want to know about the Union's failures in these last days of the American Civil War. In the end, it's not about blue or gray or politics, but rather, about entertainment and perhaps sharing a way to look at labels and identities from another perspective.