Visual Noise

What is visual noise? It's that in-your-face picture that forces you to look at it - like the one you just viewed. Unlike radio or television that cause you to lower the volume level of booming commercials, visuals can't be toned down - they can only be ignored. But can they? The more outrageous, the more likely you are to look at it, form an opinion, and then move on. In effect, visual art (film, video, photos, drawings) tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a lot of written words.

So then, how does a person like me, who uses words, get the same attention as visual noise? Lots of theories abound. For example, KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid; the HOOK in which the headline or first few sentences gains attention; in longer writing there is even a page number theory that suggests if that number page reads well, then the rest will be as good. My advice, throw it all out the window! As an author, I believe you have three chances to make that connection. One, is through your book cover, another is the book blurb, and lastly a short biography. However, like visual noise, these still may not be sufficient to persuade the viewer to action, but you can always say, "I made you look!"