Halfway to the Truth

Eco-thriller/Crime (e-book | print | view the trailer)

"I love crime dramas and thrillers, and I especially loved the new and fresh crimes that entertainingly unfolded in Halfway to the Truth. A super-easy read because the story keeps you engaged. No dull moments and one thing connects with another, which meant I had to pay attention to every plot twist." - Leeky Behrman

Reporter Reese Summers effectively covered the news of a boring, small town. That was, until her writing talents were brought to the attention of the Savannah Daily editor. Offered a job as an investigative reporter, her first assignment was to start snooping around the Drakos Shipping Company.

Viktor Drakos had long been at odds with the newspaper and its editor over his company's safety record. The shipping magnate needed to quickly curtail the new reporter's probes into his business operations. Using her interest in his son, Nikolaus, he plots to prevent her from uncovering his secret. She accepts Viktor's invitation to become his Public Affairs Officer over the objections of her editor. But shortly after accepting the position, Reese's relationship with Nikolaus sours even as she learns the company is entangled in an international conspiracy.

Grudgingly, the editor takes Reese back at the Savannah Daily and sends her on a journey that threatens to place her life in jeopardy.


This book has received the LiFE (Literature for Environment) Award: http://www.bobswriting.com/life.html and now listed at eco-fiction.com/halfway-to-the-truth-anthony-mays/

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