Turn Negative into a Positive

Amazon discussion boards allow authors to "shamelessly" promote their own works. So I thought why not promote my book that received a 1-Star review. After all, it was only one person's opinion and they are entitled to say what they want. And, Halfway to Magnolia House, like any other book, won't appeal to every taste or expectation. I thank all reviewers for 1) taking the time to read my book; and 2) sharing their opinion.

No author wants to see a star rating lower than three, but even noted authors get them, so why would I be any different. Plus, in part, I agree with some of the reviewer comments.

Here is my defense (not an excuse). I am a self-published author who has given away more books internationally than I've sold. While I'm happy to put them in the hands of readers, that makes me a starving author. I agree that having qualified editing would definitely improve my books, but that is an expense I likely will not recoup. We have all read books from publishing houses which we assume had editors and found them to be riddled with grammatical errors. Yet many of these books were very enjoyable reads, even with their flaws.

I believe there are many types of readers and reviewers, but these two types stand out in my mind:

Sophisticated - someone who typically reads the BIG publishing houses, but stretches their reading to other areas. This is likely someone who is cultivated, schooled, and experienced in many areas and more difficult to please.

Frivolous - a person who takes life for what it is, but still tries to see the good in everything. They tend to be carefree, like the simple things, and take reading as a fun activity.

Admittedly, I write for the frivolous reader. My beta readers, for the most part, tell me how entertained they were and even learned a few things along the way. I will always try to improve upon my grammar, but I plan to keep my writing ...  well, frivolous.