I Also Do Reviews

04/30/2017 12:50

I have an article, Why Don’t Readers Review Books, on my Author’s Corner that I won’t rehash. However, when I’m not writing or thinking about writing, I read books. Mostly of unfamiliar authors and mostly of thriller/suspense genre. I also do reviews of those book because I think it helps the author and reading audience. If for whatever reason I can’t make it through a book, I don’t do a review. Why? Because it serves no purpose to trash someone else’s work simply because I did not like it. Maybe it was well written but had too much graphic sex, or, it was too gory for my taste. Doesn’t make it a bad book, just not a book for me.

I have read plenty of one and two-star reviews that do nothing but tar and feather the author. Sure, you’re more likely to come across some punctuation or grammar mistakes if you read independent authors. But, unless every other sentence reads as if written by a first grader, why are you reading it. Get another one and move on. Chances are it wasn’t that expensive or FREE anyway. If the cover grabs your attention, the book blurb intrigues you, and the first part of the book (Amazon’s Look Inside) reads okay, then download it.  I can say without a doubt, Indies have entertained me just as much as favorite authors Lee Child, Ken Follett, or others have.

The opposite can also be true. A four or five-star review can be just as misleading. Unless there are hundreds of those reviews, you can’t be sure of their integrity (although, much to the chagrin of authors, Amazon tries to weed out suspicious reviews).

If you buy books based on other’s reviews, take them with a grain of salt. But whatever you do, please consider giving the book you just spent hours reading your own review. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, it only needs to be honest.