Why I Don't Blog

I tried having a blog page (see my Goodreads Blog) based on suggestions, from successful authors and other professionals in the publishing industry, to include a blog as part of a marketing strategy. But here is the main reason I don’t really have one –

Blogs are too time intensive – in coming up with fresh material and writing quality postings that would be of interest to a fan base, and in marketing the blog to build a following. While I believe I can write an entertaining story, blogging is a whole other beast.

I have visited some great blogging sites only to learn they haven’t had a new entry for years. That tells you something right there. Now I know there are a lot of dedicated bloggers out there, and many are very good at it. But you have to ask yourself, “How long are they going to be around?”  “Is their information current and relevant?”

I simply choose not to add that level of stress to my writing career, and will instead leave blogging to those better suited for that sort of writing. However, I leave the door open if you want to know more about me, just send me an email. If I think my response is worthy of sharing with everyone, I’ll post it here in my Author’s Corner.