Books Keep Me Living

Well, almost.

In the hierarchy of needs, air, water, food, shelter, and clothing dominate. Reading books or collecting them doesn’t fall into the category of a physical need; they usually fall more into an emotional need. You know, like credit cards. Why are books emotional? Because a book will always invoke an intense feeling.

Here is just a sampling of obvious reactions:

If it sucks, you’ll want to throw it.

If it is moving or touches you deeply, you may want to cry.

If it is heart-warming, you may sleep better at night.

If it is haunting you may NOT sleep.

If it stirs passion (we won’t go there).

But books also do more than fill emotional needs. They can be used to serve a multitude of services. For example:

You can learn how to do something.

You can learn how NOT to do something.

You can stand on them to gain height.

You can use them to weigh objects down.

You can impress friends with a collection.

Books are portable launch pads into the mind of another person … transports into another dimension. Use them as a gateway into another place or time, or for the knowledge they can yield. Whatever your purpose, they are a sure pathway to escape reality for a brief period without ever having to leave your comfort zone. My hope is for you to use books to fulfill whatever your needs may be at the moment.

So, come on, grab one!