Conversation with My Alter ego

Alter:    Are you giving up writing?

Me:        Maybe. I haven’t decided yet.

Alter:    Why?

Me:        Too many people out there writing books and not enough readers for all of them.

Alter:    So. You like writing, don’t you?

Me:        Yes, but what’s it all for if nobody reads what I write?

Alter:    But you have lots of readers in the U.S., UK, Canada and quite a few other places.

Me:        True, but just not enough in any one spot to make an impact.

Alter:    Oh, you want impact! Isn’t that counterintuitive to why you began writing in the first place?

Me:        What do you mean?

Alter:    I mean you never thought you were going to write more than one book.

Me:        Well, uh, writing kind of grew on me. Now, maybe I’m simply outgrowing it.

Alter:    Really? That’s a good one. Then why did you begin another novel and write more short stories?

Me:        The equivalent of doodling.

Alter:    Doodling, huh? Isn’t your doodling telling you something is prominent in your subconscious mind?

Me:        Look, why don’t you just leave me alone.

Alter:    Because I like your writing. It’s good. It would be a shame for you to stop now. Have you read the reviews on them? You know only about one in a hundred write a review. That means you already made quite an impact. That’s what you said you wanted.

Me:        Gees, you’re not going to let me win, are you?

Alter:    Just keep doodling. That’s how all your books started.