New Year's Resolution

I rarely make resolutions because I know myself and won’t commit to do what is necessary to be successful. This year, I am breaking my tradition and resolve to change undesired traits or behavior.

Since late 2017, I yielded to all temptations of food and drink until my waist circumference now exceeds my chest size. Also, I have not done any serious writing during this period. Both are the result of feeling sorry for myself following medical conditions.

So, for 2019, I resolve two things: to lose inches and begin writing again. One is for my physical health; the other for my mental health.

I won’t call the first resolution a diet because I dislike that word. In its place, I need to lose girth. While my wife has been successful counting calories, my plan is to try and eliminate sugar and starches. Not easy for a lover of sweets and pasta.

The second pledge should be easier. However, I am not fully confident the words will flow as before. Other writer’s suggestions on how to break out of the creating funk may not be enough either. Instead, I need to rely on my own sensitivities and gut instinct.

Experts tell us to make realistic goals and not set the standard so high that failure is inevitable. So, I have added one more condition to my New Year’s resolutions. I only commit to these resolves until my birthday in mid-summer. My hope is that with some measure (pun) of success, success will be the motivation to continue.