Underdogs Can Be Winners Too

I’ve long been a fan of the underdog. You know, the people that are least likely to win at anything.  I’m not sure where it comes from, and perhaps explains why I am somewhat of a renegade author. Not following the crowd or going against the grain usually comes natural to me and shows in my writing.

If you read my blog, Series Books vs Stand Alone, you saw that I do not write series books. Those are the works of authors who like to keep the same character(s) or same subject for several books. Series books tend to be sold more than stand-alone books because readers who connect to them want more. To be sure, I have nothing against series books. In my early twenties, I read most of Don Pendleton’s Mack Bolen series and many Doc Savage books.

I don’t especially like long books either, but I thoroughly enjoyed Robert Elegant’s Manchu. However, I couldn’t make it through his follow-on novel Mandarin because it felt like it was written by a different person. That’s why I write beach books — stories that can be read in hours instead of days.

Although I thankfully sell my books, they aren’t popular reads. What would make them more popular? Having someone who can compel the crowd to follow them. It only takes one person with a huge following that thinks my writing is great and promotes my books. I hope you’re that one person.