Writing is Hard

You probably thought I was referring to the literal meaning of, well, writing. Although that is challenging, the sort of writing I was referring to is the physical act of writing with an implement.

It did not occur to me until last December when I sent all six of my Christmas cards (wife does the rest), how difficult taking pen to paper has become for me. After writing only a few private notes in the cards, my hand cramped. It was then that I realized how out of practice I was writing cursive. The words didn’t even look pretty, like they used to when I wrote letters.

As most people these days, I’ve become accustomed to using a keypad. Except for an occasional note, I don’t have a need to physically pick up a writing tool. I wonder if schools even teach cursive writing anymore. I can only imagine that before the typewriter and keyboard came into existence, people that penned whole books must have had some strong handshakes.