Historical Event in a Modern Story

09/20/2018 10:37

I often get asked, "which one of your books is your favorite?" My answer of course is, "the one that you're reading." But, that is only partly true. I'd like to believe all my works have equally satisfied me, however, truth be known, Halfway to Magnolia House has the edge.

Why? Because I found it the most challenging to write. Sure, I incorporate some of my travel experiences into it, yet, it is based on a little-known American Civil War campaign. I didn't want to write just another fictional Civil War story. Rather, take a historical event and present it from a modern perspective. I struggled with how to blend the two, finally deciding on the film industry to make it work. I believe I pulled it off, producing a modern fiction that appeals to both men and women despite the chosen event. Notwithstanding this book is my biggest seller to date, I have chosen to turn this novel into an audiobook because it is my favorite child. Please, don't tell the other "halfway" children I said that.